Monday, March 31, 2008


For those of you who don't know him, we're here to tell you about Cadet Warren. He would tell you himself, but he isn't really one to use the internet. In normal circumstances, we'd just let it slide, but we feel that Mr. Pope is a special case, because of his energy and his art. Here's all we can give you of his own words: "I like drawing people. I like colors. Painting's cool too, but I like markers better. I don't really know. My favorite color is red."
Warren Pope was born in New Orleans on September 6, 1985. He's lived there his whole life and plans to keep it that way. He works as an apprentice electrician and sleeps on a futon in the 10th ward. He claims to prefer electricity over art, love, and drugs, but we aren't sure if we believe him. He'll do anything to get a laugh. He'll do exactly what you tell him not to. He once lit his nipples on fire for a cigarette. He dreams of becoming a local legend.
There's more, if we remember it. Ask us.


morgiepoo said...

A fine specimen indeed!

cadet katherine said...

oh my! what a guy!

Cadet Tom said...

warren looks like an al-quaeda operative in that photo.

and we all know egypt is a cauldron of terror.

oh god i never saw it before.

your secret is safe with us, warren.