Tuesday, April 1, 2008

true story

here you see Cadets Warren and Rachel, in a photo taken right before Thanksgiving in 2006. the next day, these kids went on a road trip to Texas which turned out to be the undoing of life as they knew it. Rachel was arrested, and at her court date 4 months later, was sentenced to probation and 3 weeks in jail. luckily she never had to go to jail, she got out of Texass eventually, and she's back in Nola with all the love. however, this image has held such weight for these kids, it is forever imprinted on their minds... and bodies.
during the holidays in winter 2007, Warren drunkenly recreated the photo in one of his notebooks. Rachel loved it so much, they both decided it was essential as a tattoo. they got it done in Rachel's hometown of Dallas during Thanksgiving 2007. the artist copied Warren's drawing exactly as it was (except for the addition of Rachel's tongue) and stated that he couldn't decide if it was the worst or the best tattoo he'd ever done. you decide.
i have no idea what Warren is holding there. so don't ask.